he Problem

  • by Chao Zhao
he Problem

The modern jewelry industry has ascribed nonexistent intrinsic value to diamonds and gemstones, causing consumer confusion when it comes to what is truly rare in nature. Diamonds and gemstones are merely crystals of Carbon (C), one of the most abundant elements, and Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3). Sadly, diamonds have played an important role in the declining value and increased price subjectivity of modern jewelry.

The Menē Difference

By avoiding gems and diamonds, the pieces we design are homogenous as pure gold and platinum leaving no doubt as to their long-term precious metal value. As the value of Menē jewelry is essentially a weight of pure precious metals, the jewelry can be exchanged or sold in the future as easily as it was purchased. We stand behind this value by offering the Menē Guarantee which allows you to sell or exchange your jewelry at the daily precious metal value minus a 10% fee. We also provide an innovative dashboard to keep track of your collections real-time value.

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